Bebe Kenta Cream 30g

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Contributes to lightening sensitive areas.

Helps correct the color of elbows and knees.

It is used to protect against skin infections and redness in babies resulting from diapers.

Quinta cream is used in the treatment of minor acne and wounds upon continuous use.

It is sometimes used as a deodorant substitute.

It treats itchy skin and soothes the skin.

Contributes to skin hydration and enhances its elasticity.

Advantages of Quinta Blue Cream does not contain corticosteroids or chemicals that harm the skin.

Safe on the skin and covered with a protective layer, because it contains zinc oxide.

It does not cause any side effects on the skin, as it is formulated with gentle ingredients.

100% Organic Product

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35,00 د.إ

Availability: 37 in stock

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