High Pressure 360 Rotation Shower Head, Water Saving Spray Shower Head Fan Shower

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Product Name: Turbo Hand Shower
Material: Abs, Plastic
Surface Treatment: Multi-layer Electroplating
Setting Type: Eco Spray
Features: Strong Pressurization, Rotatable, One-button Water Stop, Heat-resistant, High-temperature Hot Water Resistance, If The Water Pressure At Home Is Low, You Can Also Buy With Confidence, This Product Can Help You Solve The Problem Of Low Water Pressure.

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High-pressure Design: Turbo Fan Shower Head Makes Water Flow Generates A Pressurized Flow Through The Rotating Wheel, Increasing The Speed Of The Water Flow, Thereby Increasing The Water Pressure.

Water-Saving: This Showerhead Uses Micro Nozzle Technology Makes The Outlet Holes Smaller And Denser, Increasing The Speed Of The Water Flow, At The Same Time Up To 40% Water Saving Than The Ordinary Showerhead.

Health Benefits: Removes Excess Impurities While Showering Bring You More Smooth Skin, Reducing Oil Secretion, Improving The Cleaning Effect.

Adjustable: The Showerhead Has An On/off Switch. Just Press The Switch On The Nozzle Handle To Stop The Water Flow At Any Time.


High Pressure 360 Rotation Shower Head- AjmanShop

Original price was: 75,00 د.إ.Current price is: 50,00 د.إ.

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