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Terms & Conditions

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This Section Deals With Conditions Relating To The Sale Of Products Or Services On The Site.

B. D2C

  • What Is D2c? Direct To Consumer Definition

    Direct To Consumer Sales, Also Known As Direct To Consumer Ecommerce (See: What Is E Commerce), Is A Sales Strategy Where A Business Sells Directly To Customers.

    That’s Opposed To What B2b Businesses Usually Do: Sell To Vendors, Retailers, And Resellers.

    But When A Wholesaler (See What Is Wholesale), Manufacturer, Or Producer Transacts With Individual End Consumers Through A Headless Ecommerce Website, That’s The Meaning Of D2c.

    Because When Anyone Speaks Of The Direct To Consumer Meaning, It’s Assumed That The Context Is Of A B2b Business Expanding Its Sales Strategy.

    Benefits Of Direct To Consumer Sales

    Direct To Consumer Sales Can Be Embraced By Any Pre-retail Part Of The Supply Chain In Many Ways. In The Traditional Retail Model, The Pre-retail Parts Of The Supply Chain All Deal With Bulk Purchases And Bulk Shipping. In Fact, Manufacturers, Wholesalers, And Distributors Are All Built Around Operating In Bulk.

    That’s Why It Can Be Difficult For Many B2b Businesses To Pivot To A D2c Strategy On Their Own.

    But If They Can, There Are A Lot Of Benefits.

    This Is What A B2b Company Can Expect If They Integrate D2c Ecommerce:

    Control Over Brand Engagement And Reputation. Manufacturers And Producers Don’t Have Much Control Over How And When Their Products Are Sold By Retailers. A Retailer May Have Salespeople With Little Knowledge Of The Product. The Display May Not Be Branded Properly. There Are Numerous Ways First Impressions And Engagement With End Users Can Harm Your Brand. But If You’re In Total Control Of That, You Can Deliver A Stellar Customer Experience Directly From Who Knows Your Product Best: You.

D2C Distribution

One Benefit The Direct To Consumer Business Model Offers Is The Ability To Experiment With D2c Distribution. Direct To Consumer Brands In Total Control Of Their Supply Chains, Marketing, And Customer Experience Need Not Rely On Retail Outlets As In Times Past.

D2c Distribution Options Include:

Direct Sales Online Through A Website Or Ajmanshop.com This Is The Most Common And Cost Effective D2c Distribution Strategy. And The One That Most Firmly Leverages The Benefits And Agility Of Direct To Consumer Sales.
Pop-up Shops Like Neighborhood Goods, Which Feature An Ever-changing Assortment Of Brands (Both D2C And Not) In A Trendy, Community-based Department Store.

The Ability To Experiment And Hone In On What Works Is A Big Part Of What Makes Selling Direct To Customers So Appealing.

You Go Straight To The Manufacturer’s Website And They Ship Directly To You.

Website Is Convenient Because They Supply The Entirety Of The E commerce Software And Functionality Needed To Connect Directly With Consumers.

And The Good Ones Have Best-in-class Digital Catalogs That Are Designed For Web And Mobile And Optimized For Discovery.

B2b Businesses Plug Right Into The Marketplace And Start Selling.

D2C: Try It

Any B2B Business Can Immediately Take Advantage Of D2C Revenue With A Third Party Marketplace. All The Overhead And Tech Is Taken Care Of. All A B2B Business Has To Do Is List Their Product And They’re Off To The Races.

All You Have To Do Is List Your Goods And The Friction less Selling Begins.


Please Review Our Returns Policy For Details.


You Go Straight To The Manufacturer’s Website And They Ship Directly To You.

Website Is Convenient Because They Supply The Entirety Of The E commerce Software And Functionality Needed To Connect Directly With Consumers.


You Shall Be Responsible For Payment Of All Fees/costs/charges Associated With The Purchase Of Products From The Site And You Agree To Bear Any And All Applicable Taxes As Per Prevailing Law.


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Pricing On Any Product(S) Or Related Information As Reflected On The Site May Due To Some Technical Issue, Typographical Error Or Other Reason By Incorrect As Published And As A Result You Accept That In Such Conditions The Seller Or The Site May Cancel Your Order Without Prior Notice Or Any Liability Arising As A Result. Any Prepayments Made For Such Orders Will Be Refunded To You Per Our Refund Policy As Stipulated.