Haylou RS4 Smart Watch Global version Blood oxygen monitor 12 Sport Models 10 days battery life, Black

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Haylou RS4 Smart Watch Custom Watch Face Blood Oxygen Monitor 12 Sport Models Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Monitor, Black


Brand: Haylou

Color: Black

Type: Smart Watch

Model Number: Haylou Rs4


1. Haylou RS4 has 12 workout modes. It can record real-time exercise data, helping you track and improve your athletic performance.

2. The watch can accurately detect your heart rate 24 hours a day and detect even slight change, welly knowing your every heartbeat.

3. The percentage of deep sleep is an important criterion of sleep quality. Haylou RS4 actively monitors sleep time and status to help you develop good sleep habits.

4. With a built-in high-precision motion sensor, it can actively record your daily exercise behavior. Set your goals and strive to realize them.

5. Real-time Message Reminder connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth. Calls, WeChat, and various APP information can be synchronized with the watch in real time.

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Haylou Watch Rs4 Black 2

138,00 د.إ

Availability: 100 in stock

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