Heatsink for laptop Notebook Cooler XL-828 super cool

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Heatsink for laptop Notebook Cooler XL-828 super cool

Product details-Radiator base xl-828

1. Suitable for laptops 11 “, 14 ”.

2. Compact, convenient design, quiet fan, large metal mesh slot for effective cooling.

3. Connection: 2 USB ends.

4. Product dimensions: 330×250 x 24mm

5. Propeller size: 14×14 x 1.5mm

6. Canned weight: 0.8

7. Voltage: 5V

8. Fan speed: 1000 + 10% rpm.

9. Noise: 21 Decibel

10. Material: plastic, metal

11. Number of fans: 1 large fan


Heatsink for Notebook Cooler XL-828 laptop super cool – WITH 1 Fan- Full Box LED, Genuine product.

The xl-828 heatsink is equipped with a 14 cm fan, located in the center of the base surface, helping the entire surface of the laptop to be continuously circulating the air and Fast. In addition, the base is also designed on the top of the mesh and the other sides have many wide holes, ensuring the hot air block from the laptop when it is quickly released into the external environment, avoiding. The hot air that accumulates for a long time in the soles of the sole, affecting working performance.

Easy to use with USB connection:

With a use voltage of only 4.5V to 5V, you can easily operate the base with just connected to the laptop’s USB port. In addition, the base is also refined to only about 500g, helping you to comfortably move the product with your laptop anytime, anywhere.

Suitable for laptops up to 14 inch in size

Although the design is quite simple, not too colorful and many stylized lines, the radiator base is still designed by the manufacturer to support large laptops, suitable for laptops. Available in sizes up to 14 inches. In addition, the fan capacity of 1000 rpm, less noise is also the outstanding advantage of the base on the market today.

Convenient with two USB ports:

To help your laptop not lose the USB speaking port when using the radiator base, N19 has designed your USB connection port in 2 ends, returning one USB end to the laptop. This design will be very handy if your laptop is equipped with few USB ports or has to connect with many other devices.

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laptop Notebook Cooler

22,00 د.إ

Availability: 100 in stock

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