LCD Screen Cleaning Kit, Cell Phone Screen Cleaner, DSLR Camera Lens Cleaner

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4-in-1 Screen Cleaning Kit

Best cleaning kit for all types and brands of camera

Compatible with Digital and Action Cameras


Cleaning cloth helps to eliminate dust and remove oil, debris, and fingerprints from the camera lens. Dust blower effectively brushes away dust from your lenses or other sensitive equipment. Pen brush removes fingerprints, smudges, grease marks from all lenses with ease.

The 5-in-1 Screen Cleaning Kit comes with five crucial units to let you keep your electronic gadgets and peripheral as good as new. The 5-in-1 Screen Cleaning Kit comes with a sterile aqueous solution, a blow nozzle, a tiny brush, a special cloth, and a suction balloon making a complete cleaning package for the screen of your various devices. The sterile aqueous solution has been prepared with a unique formula and is suitable for use on a number of displays like mobile phones, notebooks, monitors, digital cameras, PDAs, LCD/LED TVs, and more. The special cloth should be used for dipping into this solution and wiping off the screen of your gadgets to remove finger-marks, grease stains, dirt, dust, drops, spill spots, etc. When you are cleaning a keyboard, the blow nozzle and the suction balloon will allow you to reach every corner of your peripheral to blow away the accumulated heaps of dust. Even the soft brush can be utilized to broom away dirt from the lengthier and accessible portions of your keyboard.

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15,00 د.إ

Availability: 100 in stock

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